Die Künstler der Steinbildhauer Symposien Mandarfen, Pitztal

Dominika GriesgraberDominika Griesgraber (Polen, Frankreich)
Lives and works in Warsaw, Poland and Pernes les Fontaines, France

Dominika Griesgraber, (1970 Krakow, Poland), MFA, Academy of Fine Arts Warsaw; Postgrad.Dipl in Aesthetics and Theory of Contemporary Art. Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain and Juan Miro Foundation; PhD in Fine Arts, Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow.
Works: diverse media sculptures and installations, preferably stone, presented in exhibitions in Poland and abroad, on permanent display in sculpture parks and collections around Europe, America, Asia, Middle East and in private collections. In a number of projects undertaken the problem of identity and contemporaneity as exploration of the relation between place, culture, architecture and belonging while trying to analyze its fabrication and to decrypt the inner mechanisms of identification.

Selected awards:
Int. Biennale of Sculpture Poznan, 2002 Poland;
Visual Art Grant, The Ministry of Culture in Poland 2005;
Visual Art Grant, Fundation Valparaiso, Denmark 2006;
Int. Sculpture Symposium, Leon, Mexico 2007;
Int. Sculpture Symposium, Bendol, France 2009;